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Me (the designer) & Bella (office doggo)


i'm ashleigh


I aim to get to know you, the hard working leaders and innovators of our region. With my 7 years of experience, I'll work with your thoughts, your vision, and bring your vision to life.

I work with many local, Niagara based businesses of all levels from small start-ups to medium sized companies. So whether you're just beginning your journey as a new entrepreneur, or looking to level up your existing business, chat with me today and let's start creating the experience you want to attract your ideal customers!

a few random things

about me

Fav Food.png

I love pasta, it's my favourite food. I also love cheese, so penne alfredo is my pick for a pasta dish!


I love being outdoors! Camping, hiking, kayaking, mud runs, and my favourite of all, travelling to new places with my husband, Ryan.

Netflix Shows.png

My favourite Netflix series are Stranger Things, Mind Hunters, Bloodline, Maid, Santa Clarita Diet & Sabrina.


On all of our excursions, I enjoy bringing my camera along with me and taking some landscape shots!


my experience

in design


I studied business & design for 5 years at Niagara College.


While finishing my second diploma I was offered an internship as a junior in-house designer at Hilton Niagara, Fallsview Hotel & Suites.

In House.png

After graduating college I worked as a fulltime in-house designer for a local business in Niagara Falls.

My own business.png

Three years ago I left my fulltime job and began my own journey as an entrepreneur. I created my business as a freelance designer and it's been the best decision I've made.

from initial inquiry

to launch!

I take the time to let you get to know me, I welcome your input, I share my entire process with you and how we can work together to achieve your unique goals!

I uncover your unique needs & create solutions

That's right, I dig deeeep. We'll uncover what your business' goals are, who your customers are and what experience you want to create for them.

I listen to & value your ideas

Throughout the project, I take the time to ask you questions about your thoughts & opinions, and I value them.

I explore several solutions & ideas

I craft up multiple design solutions using your ideas and offering some of my own creative input.

I give you transparency & piece of mind

I make it a priority to ensure you're involved in the creation of your vision. With me you'll always know what to expect next and I'll offer my genuine advice every step of the way.

think we'd be a

good fit?

Start the conversation by filling out my contact form and let's discuss your vision & goals!

let's be friends

Check out my socials for visual marketing tips & tricks, behind the scenes content, what it's like to work with me and to see features of successful projects done for other local businesses like you!

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